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Employment Opportunities
Title: How to get working papers
Description: To Obtain Working Papers you must first get information and an application form from your school office. If you are not attending school or if you apply during vacation periods, obtain the address of the certificating office from the school nearest your home.
Requirements: Then complete the application form which requires:

*The signature of your parent or guardian,
*Your birth or baptismal record for proof of age, and
*A doctor's certificate showing that you are physically fit to work. (This certificate is not required for newspaper carrier permits if the applicant is qualified to participate in the school's physical education program.)
*Your social security card

For youths to obtain a full-time employment certificate, their parent or guardian must appear in person before the school authorities to give consent. High school graduates can present written consent. In addition, youths must provide proof of age, a certificate of physical fitness, and a schooling record. In New York City and Buffalo, a 16 year-old minor who is leaving school must have a pledge of employment signed by the prospective employer and a "Job Description" that shows a daily and weekly schedule and details the work to be done.
Contact Name: Marty Trachtenberg, Parent Coordinator
Contact Phone: 212-772-1220