Admissions Information
Eleanor Roosevelt High School is a screened program. We seek a range of serious students. All applications are reviewed and assessed in terms of grades, standardized test scores, and attendance/punctuality. Students from throughout New York City attend ERHS.  As preference is given to District #2 students, students and families from out-of-district should be aware that General Education seats have been filled by District #2 students in recent years. See the links at right for more information. Application is made through the New York City Department of Education high school admission process. Forms are distributed through middle school guidance counselors as well as the Office of Student Enrollment at the Department of Education (212) 374-2363. During the summer months, transfer students residing in District 2 must visit the Manhattan Enrollment Office at 333 7th Avenue, 12th Floor. Please call (212) 356-3700 for more information. Transfer students residing outside of District 2 must visit their local borough enrollment offices listed on the Department of Education website.