Law Team

Welcome to the ElRo Law Team announcements page! 

Few people have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a lawyer without getting a degree in law or passing the bar exam first.  Yet, that is exactly what we do in law team.  Members of ERHS Law Team become lawyers or expert witnesses in a matter of months, and prepare for Moot Court and Mock Trial at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouses.  We spend countless hours perfecting our statements, arguments, and line of questioning in hopes of stumping our competition.  It’s all blood, sweat, and tears until every relevant case is understood, character embodied, objection mastered, and every rule of the court (like where to stand, speak or look) is memorized.  There is nothing more fulfilling than effectively competing that others forget we are only a team of high school students.  Come be a part of our law team family!


Below is a brief outline of our competitions:


Mentor Moot Court Competition

  • Practices start a.s.a.p.
  • Two teams of four lawyers
  • Each lawyer will argue a side of each argument
  • Debate-style competition with a panel of “judges”
  • Moot court is an appeal similar to Supreme Court arguments where an important Constitutional issue is addressed


Mock Trial Competition

  • Practices start in November
  • Two teams of six (three lawyers and three witnesses plus substitutes)
  • Compete at the Manhattan Courthouses against other high schools
  • Competition is set up like a real trial


Mr. Curran, the club's advisor, can be reached at for more information.