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Crisis Text Line 

Crisis Text Line serves anyone,  in any type of crisis, providing access to free 24/7 support and information via a medium people already use and trust: text. Here's how it works. 

Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the United States, anytime, about any type of crisis.

1.888. NYC Well • Text WELL to 65173 •

Connect. Heal. Thrive.

1 in 5 New Yorkers suffer from a mental health condition in any given year, and many go untreated.

Mental illness is treatable, but only if those in need can connect to care.

NYC Well is an easy way to connect to counseling, crisis intervention, peer support and referrals to care.

What is NYC Well?

NYC Well is a one click, one call connection to counseling, crisis intervention, peer support and referrals to ongoing treatment and support services. NYC Well is a free, 24/7/365 confidential mental health support for all New Yorkers. For those that need help, NYC Well is one point of entry to the City’s array of behavioral health services.

How does it work?

New Yorkers can reach a counselor by calling 1-888-NYC-Well, texting WELL to 65173, or chatting at Counseling services are available in English, Spanish, or Mandarin/Cantonese, with interpretation in more than 200

Who can use it?

NYC Well is available to anyone, and recommended for people struggling with persistent symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, or addiction who don’t have a place to turn. People can reach out to get help for themselves or someone they love, including their children. In addition, NYC Well will accept calls and texts directly from youth who are looking for support
or for a referral.

What services does NYC Well offer?

Crisis Counseling and Suicide Prevention— Counselors will provide crisis and suicide prevention counseling. If someone is in danger of hurting themselves or others, they'll get crisis counseling and connection to care.

Referral to Behavioral Health Services—When you or someone you love is struggling, you shouldn't struggle to find help. NYC Well can connect New Yorkers to help -- someone who takes their insurance, is in a convenient location and who speaks their language. NYC Well can even stay on the line to help you make your first appointment.

Mobile Crisis Teams—When someone you care about can’t or won’t help themselves, NYC Well will assess whether to send a team of mental health professionals to meet the person in their home so they can be connected to care.

Follow-up Services—Reaching out for help can be tough. NYC Well will offer all users the option for extra support, like receiving reminders for first appointments, contact while waiting for an appointment and follow-ups to make help users
stay connected to care.

Short-term Counseling— If you can't get connected to care right away, NYC Well can offer brief counseling via phone, text, or chat if needed to provide stabilizing support until an appointment can be scheduled.

Peer Support—With NYC Well, you can talk to someone who has life experience with what you’re going through. Peers are trained to support others in need. Certified Peer Specialists will provide support, crisis diversion, information, and referrals.

Can NYC Well help people without insurance? 

Absolutely. NYC Well will work to connect people to someone they can afford without insurance. If that takes times, NYC Well can provide short-term counseling until the connection with longer term care is made.

How is NYC Well different from Lifenet?

It’s much broader and bigger. With increased capacity to handle calls, and more services available, NYC Well is more than a crisis and suicide line. It offers a one click, one call connection to counseling, crisis intervention, peer support and referrals to ongoing treatment and support services, including help making appointments, and follow-up to remind clients of first appointment and make sure they were connected to care.

Who operates NYC Well?

The Mental Health Association of New York City operates NYC Well. They are experts at providing mental health support over the phone.