Academic Program
ERHS Curriculum

▪ English—4 years, 2 credits per year
9th: Global Literature 9
10th: Global Literature 10 and Writing Seminar
11th: AP English Literature and Composition* or American Literature
12th: College English (Partnership with St. John’s University) or English 12
Electives: AP English Language and Composition, Public Speaking

▪ Social Studies—4 years, 2 credits per year
9th: Global Studies 9
10th: AP World History or Global Studies 10
11th: AP US History or US History
12th: Participation in Government (1) and Economics and Finance (1)
Electives: AP Government and Politics: Comparative, Philosophy, Psychology

▪Math—4 years, 2 credits per year
Foundations of Mathematics+, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB* or AP Calculus BC or Calculus or Choice of Elective
Elective: Advanced STEM Research, AP Statistics, Audio Science, Discrete Math/Number Theory, Programming and Game Design, Robotics and Engineering Design

▪ Science—4 years, 2 credits per year
9th: Biology
10th: Chemistry and Computational Thinking+
11th: Physics
12th: Choice of Elective
Electives: Advanced STEM Research, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Art and the Environment, Audio Science, Intro to Sports Medicine, Programming and Game Design, Robotics and Engineering Design

▪ Foreign Language—Regents Mastery, 2 credits per year
Spanish: Introduction (I), Intermediate (II), Advanced (III)
French: Introduction (I), Intermediate (II), Advanced (III)
Electives: AP Spanish Literature*, Spanish IV

▪ Guidance —4 years
9th-12th: Advisory
Elective: Peer Leadership

▪ Physical Education—4 years
Physical Education: 1 credit per year
Health: 1 credit
Electives: Lifetime Fitness, Sports Conditioning, Team Sports, Yoga/Barre, Yoga/Zumba

▪ Arts—2 Credits
AP Art History, AP Music Theory, Animation, Ceramics, Band, Digital Photography, Drama*, Dramatic Criticism*, Film Lab, Graphic Design and Yearbook, Guitar, Music History and Criticism*, Musicianship*, Visual Art.

Course credit values vary based on number of days per week that the course meets.
* Course not offered in 2015-2016