You may contact any member of the PTA Executive Board by sending an email to  If you need to contact the treasurer or co-treasurer, please send your message to  Thank you.

Stacey Curry
Virginia Kindred
Jaya Nahmiyas

First Vice President
Scott Goldman

Second Vice President
Michele Samarel

Nancy Morris

Assistant Secretary
Gal Jurick 

Brigida Kola

Assistant Treasurer
Caryl Petersohn

9th Grade Representatives 
To be elected in September

10th Grade Representatives
Hope Goldstein
Ignacio Leone

11th Grade Representatives
Darian Levin
Denise Freiberg

12th Grade Representatives
Melaine Greifer
Jennifer Rozencwaig

SLT Parent Members
Michelle Best, Toni Rodriguez-Chavarria, Anna Rachmansky, and Beth Redler